Raw materials

  • WACKER-CHEMIE (Niemcy)
  • RHODIA (Francja)
  • GE-Bayer



Working temperature (standard compounds) -50°C do +180°C / +250°C
Working temperature (specific compounds) -90°C do +315°C
Elongation 300-800%
Hardness 25 do 80 Shore A
Breakdown voltage 23 kV (VDE 0303)


Materials for specific applications

  • High chemical resistance
  • Good damping of high and low frequency vibrations
  • Silicon rubber products are tasteless and odourless
  • Resistance to ageing and weather conditions



The colour of silicon products can be suitably chosen for particular application: from transparent to black, in accordance to RAL, including metallic colours (aluminium, steel, brass).
The colours feature of vividness and durability


Physiology characteristics of silicone

The usage of silicone in pharmaceutics and food industry is regulated by each country standards.



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Guidelines for medicine usage

These guidelines relate to the use of silicone products in the manufacture of medical devices.

We do not sanction the use of our products for and do not sell into long term implant applications defined as greaterthan 30 days. In no case will we sanction the use of our products for the following applications:

  • Cosmetic reconstruction (eg, plastic surgery, prosthetic devices).
  • Devices for gynecological or obstetric applications (eg, pessaries, tampons, vaginal stents) except for diagnosis and monitoring and surgical instruments.
  • Contraceptive or reproductive devices (eg, condoms, condom lubricants, intrauterine devices, cervical caps).
  • Free injection including the use of silicone fluids where they can be introduced directly into tissues, body cavities or blood (eg, syringe lubricants, intraocular fluids).

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