Household and gastronomy appliances

sprzęt agdHousehold and commercial appliances Due to the heat resistance of silicone of more than +200 degrees Celsius and the certifications which comply with the requirements of quality and material standards for contact with food and drinking water, e.g. FDA, BfR, PZH and legal requirements, e.g. Regulation 1935/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, our products are used in the household and gastronomy sectors.
Dyeing possibilities, hardness range from 30-75°C, temperature resistance, resistance to detergents, water vapour, elasticity at temperatures below and above 300°C, long-lasting use without loss of physical and aesthetic properties make it possible to use silicone as :

  • high-temperature seals for oven and cooker doors
  • hoses in coffee machines
  • silicone covers for keypads and control panels
  • seals for steam cookers, small appliances
  • seals for lids on containers, jugs, etc.