Flexible plates and sheets

biała wykładzina

We offer flexible plates and sheets made of silicones and rubber compounds. The products are available as standard in 316x360mm or 200x400mm dimensions; the maximum dimension of the flexible sheets is 1,200 x10,000mm. The plates and sheets we produce are ideal as a material for cutting flat gaskets, in the role of linings and cushioning pads.

The properties of these products vary somewhat depending on what they are made of. What technical parameters they should have is, of course, dictated by the needs of the recipient. As a manufacturer, we are able to tailor the properties of flexible boards and sheets to suit a specific application. The products can be resistant to mechanical damage, ultraviolet radiation and the effects of chemicals.

How can rubber sheets and plates be used?

Modern rubber sheets excel as flooring in production halls, car and motorbike workshops or even sculpture studios and musicians' rehearsal rooms. Such products not only seal, but also muffle vibrations, dampen noise and absorb shocks. For the production of rubber flooring, we can also use suitable mixtures and materials that will make specialised floors resistant to chemicals, grease and oil, and at the same time retain their strength and serve for many years (in storage and utility rooms: barns, stables). In addition, they will have non-slip properties.

Other applications for flexible sheets and boards include:

  • a silicone or rubber pad prevents objects from sliding - on the floor or in the interior of a car, for example, which is why rubber sheets are used by manufacturers of carpets, bathroom rugs, carpeting, doormats and car mats;
  • flexible sheets are used as vibration mats - they are placed under equipment that causes vibrations, and they can also be found in delivery vehicles: they are used to protect goods during transport;
  • silicone or rubber sheets are good for kitchen and workshop drawers where sharp tools are stored: by placing them in the drawers, you protect the furniture from being scratched.