Silicone moulds

formy do pieczenia

Our services include the production of customised silicone moulds. Our extensive experience in the industry has enabled us to test many moulding silicones and select the one that will allow us to produce a mould in the correct shape, with a high degree of durability and flexibility to facilitate the removal of the finished casting.


From large moulds to the smallest sizes

We manufacture silicone moulds for any application. Among our past projects are large moulds for architectural concrete and plaster castings. We use silicone for their manufacture, which is sufficiently rigid when solidified, and the walls of the mould have the right thickness so that the liquid concrete will not deform them. Moulds are designed to be easily removable without the risk of damaging or deforming the casting element. We also make moulds for epoxy resin castings. In addition to large items such as table tops and coffee serving trays, we also offer small and highly detailed moulds for making jewellery, cup coasters or key rings.


Why order a silicone mould?

Reusable silicone moulds will allow you to manufacture a series of identical products easily, quickly and inexpensively. Although there are a wide variety of moulds for making castings available online, a product that is designed and made to measure will meet individual demands.