pomarańczowa uszczelkaGaskets and seals

An integral aspect of our business is the production of gaskets. We manufacture gaskets in the form of frames and sealing rings, including rubber and silicone profiles and moulded parts. We also manufacture gaskets with metal inserts and reinforcements, valves. The materials we use and our extensive technical background give us almost unlimited possibilities. Rubber and silicone gaskets are both welded using traditional techniques and pressure-bonded using high-temperature technology, which ensures high joint strength and preserves the elasticity of the joint.

What makes our gaskets stand out?

We have a broad base of high-performance rubbers at our disposal. The raw materials we use have the best possible physical and chemical properties, which has a direct impact on the quality of our gaskets and seals. We work with a wide range of high-performance rubbers. The raw materials we use possess the very best possible physical and chemical properties, which directly translates into the quality of our gaskets and seals. We. know the manufacturing of products and details based on elastomers inside out, which is why all our items are developed to meet the specific requirements and working conditions.


  • remain flexible in the temperature range from -90 to +315°C,
  • have good adhesion to metals,
  • are non-corrosive,
  • do not absorb water,
  • resistant to harsh weather conditions and UV radiation.

EPDM gaskets

EPDM gaskets show good resistance to ageing and deformation processes. Their porous structure means that when a large force is applied, the component will deform, but when the force stops, the seal will return to its original shape. EPDM rubber components are manufactured using a vulcanisation process, which increases the mechanical and physical strength of the finished products. These types of gaskets show high resistance to chemicals. They are an excellent seal used in roofing, windows and doors, industrial equipment and machinery.

  • flexible in a temperature range of -90 to +315°C,
  • good adhesion to metals,
  • non-corrosive,
  • water-repellent,
  • resistant to harsh weather conditions and UV radiation.


silikonowa rurkaSilicone tube seals in all forms

Our extensive machinery and expertise in the field of elastomeric materials, supported by many years of experience, enables us to offer our customers the manufacture of seals with a variety of parameters, sizes and properties. We design silicone and rubber articles based on customer specifications. This ensures that every aspect of the finished product is fully matched to its application.