Medicine and pharmaceuticals

leki w opakowaniachpackaged medicines By complying with the highest European and global standards, including the requirements of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), silicone seals can be used in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.
Production processes for the medical and pharmaceutical industries must comply with high production sterility and material purity. Thanks to the processing capabilities to meet these requirements, our silicone products can be used as:

  • braided pressure hoses for use with various types of pumps, e.g. dialysis equipment
  • hoses for medical aparturages e.g. respirators
  • vulcanised flap seals for autoclaves e.g. sterilisers
  • door and flap seals e.g. for mixers, tablet machines
  • sleeves, compensators for filling machines
  • menstrual cups
  • hoses for various types of pumps, e.g. infusion pumps