Rubber articles

We have prepared an offer of rubber articles used in numerous industries. The production of rubber products begins with the manufacture of rubber compounds from rubbers with excellent physical and chemical properties, which are used, among others, in medicine, the automotive industry, construction, rocket technology or the chemical industry.

Rubber and latex rubber products

Our shop's product range includes rubber cords, flexible hoses, rubber profiles and seals. We offer rubber products available in standard sizes and sections. On special order, we make any shapes and sizes, which we design based on the dimensions and parameters received from the customer. We ensure the high quality of our rubber articles by carefully controlling the production processes, based on the extrusion and continuous vulcanisation method.

Rubber seals and covers

Our selection includes products that make excellent seals and covers. Made from NRIR and SBR, they are highly resistant to abrasion, as well as acidic and alkaline substances. NBR stands out for its high resistance to oil and petroleum-based lubricants, CR shows good weather resistance, EPDM copes well with steam, and FKM can be used in the chemical industry as it is resistant to petroleum-based organic liquids as well as oils and solvents.