Establishment of a research and development centre at LARKIS

Project objectives

The project consists of the creation of a Research and Development Centre (CBR). The project includes the construction of a production building, part of which will be dedicated to the needs of the CBR - on an area of approx. 600 m2 the purchased laboratory equipment intended for conducting R&D work will be installed. The created Research and Development Centre will be dedicated to carrying out R&D work in the field of plastics (in particular silicone) and rubber processing and developing new, innovative products.

Anticipated results:

The main outcome of the work will be new innovative products and their manufacturing technology in the field of multifunctional composites and nano-materials with new functional properties, new materials for material, technological and structural conversion with the intention of ensuring sustainable development, reduction of manufacturing costs and energy intensity, elimination of pollutants, optimisation and improvement of production processes and new industrial designs.


Project value: PLN 16,455,063.00

Value of eligible costs: PLN 9 169 100.00

EU co-financing of the project: 4 126 095.00